Sponsorship of At Home Gene Ho, GeorgeVideo Channel for Veterans, Music in America Matt Joyce, George Magazine Full Page Ad


These offerings present an avenue to connect with our diverse and engaged audience, while also supporting our mission to bring varied perspectives and positive change, aligning with the spirit of George Magazine and our featured shows.

First up, we have…

At Home with Gene Ho, a George Video Exclusive – Sponsorship

Hosted by Gene Ho, in his program he will discuss Matters of Faith, Patriotism, and American Lifestyle: An Intimate Exploration of Politics and Christian Values within the Comforts of His Home. Delve into an Insider’s Perspective on a Novice Homesteader’s Journey.

This sponsorship Includes, but not limited to:

a) Static Large Banner Ad on GeneHo.com

b) Video Endorsement of your Business for your use. (Video may be used as long as the business is associated with Gene Ho or GEORGE.)

c) Five various Social Media shout outs on Gene’s Social Media channels.

d) Two Video or Static Photo “shout outs” on YOUR Social Media channels.
Example: Picture of Gene Ho using your product and YOUR words – “Gene Ho at home using “YOUR” product. He loves our product.”

e) Integration of product into the show by means of product placement and or product description. For example… “I use this product when I need to get this or that done at my home.”

f) Run a 30 second commercial of their product when the show does not allow smooth transition of the product.

Cost: $3,500 per month


Next up we have the staple of the George Magazine Advertising, and that is our Full-Page Ads…

George Magazine Full Page Ad Per Issue

Our revival of John F. Kennedy Jr.’s iconic George Magazine presents an exceptional opportunity to place a full-page ad in each issue. This opportunity enables your brand to reach an engaged and diverse audience across various segments, including politics, pop-culture, faith, business, finance, luxury living, and travel.

We hope you’ll join us as we continue the quest to “demystify the political process,” as John Kennedy Jr. wrote in his Editor’s Letter in the Inaugural Issue. Though it was written in 1995, that mission is needed just as much–if not more–now. Let George Magazine be an instrument for positive change and unity.

Cost: $1000 per ad / per issue


Next, we have the third leg of this Sponsorship/Advertising/Access Strategy is:

Music in America with Matt Joyce – Show Sponsorship

Hosted by Matt Joyce, his program delves into the vibrant tapestry of music across America, catering to the devoted enthusiasts of both music and the essence of the nation. With an immersive approach, he explores the multifaceted landscape of American music, offering a diverse array that encapsulates the rich cultural fabric of the country.

This sponsorship Includes, but not limited to:

a) Video Endorsement from Matt of your Business for your use. (Video may be used as long as the business is associated with GEORGE.)

b) Three various Social Media shout outs on Matt’s Social Media channels.

c) Run your or George created 30 second commercial in each episode

d) Your Banner ad on each Video playback page for Matt’s videos

Cost: $1500 per month



Finally, we have the fourth leg of this Sponsorship/Advertising/Access Strategy and that is:

The all-new Veterans Channel on George Video, GeorgeVideo.com

This new select channel will feature videos from your organization that highlight the great work that you are doing throughout the United States of America! The videos will be produced by you and will be featured on the George Video platform and be distributed to the entire George Magazine network.

Cost: $2000 per month


We have combined all of the above into a package for you.

The full George Magazine Marketing Package

This Full Package ALSO includes:

a) Promotions of your sponsored content 3 times per week through the George Magazine Social Media networks. This is very powerful.

b) A banner ad on the Homepage of GeorgeMagazine.com. Our website receives hundreds of thousands of views per month.

c) A small ad within the article drop down on the Homepage of George Magazine.com

d) An email banner ad included in our weekly emails to the substantial George Magazine email list

Full George Magazine Marketing Package:

Total Spend:  $7000 per month.


We are enthusiastic about the possibility of partnering with your esteemed company and exploring the potential synergies between our platforms. Please feel free to reach out for any further information to help reach your advertising objectives.

Thank you for considering this partnership opportunity.