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Millions of people are under severe weather and tornado threat

ABC News 62 minutes ago

LIVE: Supreme Court hears oral arguments on Idaho abortion ban

ABC News 64 minutes ago

'Secrets of the Octopus' explores ancient sea creature's creative communications

ABC News 73 minutes ago

Arizona lawmakers will reconvene to debate Civil War-era abortion law

ABC News 76 minutes ago

Coyote spotted roaming in Central Park

ABC News 77 minutes ago

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Pres. Biden said Wednesday that the U.S. will begin sending equipment to Ukraine within "a few hours."

"It was a difficult path [to my desk] and should have been easier and it should have gotten there sooner. But in the end, we did what America always does: we rose to the moment, came together and we got it done. Now, we need to move fast and we are."


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#BREAKING: Biden says U.S. to begin sending military equipment to Ukraine within 'hours'

ABC News 85 minutes ago

Biden says the U.S. will send weapons to Ukraine "within hours"

ABC News 106 minutes ago

Universities move classes online as campus protests escalate

ABC News 2 hours ago

New FTC noncompete mandate may make it easier for people to quit their jobs

ABC News 2 hours ago

Airlines must give automatic refunds for canceled flights, those delayed over 3 hours

ABC News 3 hours ago

Moscow court rejects latest appeal by detained WSJ reporter

ABC News 3 hours ago

Boeing 737 makes emergency landing after losing wheel on take-off

ABC News 3 hours ago

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