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A Times visual analysis found that a rocket launched from Gaza on Oct. 7 hit an Israeli military base believed to house nuclear-capable missiles, although it’s likely they were not in danger.A rocket most likely fired by Hamas militants during their Oct. 7 attack on Israel struck an Israeli military... Read more
People with chronic problems after falls and car crashes scored better on cognition tests after getting a brain implant, a new study found.Traumatic brain injuries have left more than five million Americans permanently disabled. They have trouble focusing on even simple tasks and often have to quit jobs or drop... Read more
The little-known former software executive had hoped his business acumen and relentless focus on the economy, energy and foreign policy would lift his campaign. It didn’t.Gov. Doug Burgum of North Dakota, the wealthy former software executive who entered the presidential campaign in June hoping a back-to-basics appeal on the economy... Read more
Sorry, Swifties. The Gen Z slang term — derived from “charisma” — went viral this year after the actor Tom Holland claimed to have none.It’s official. Oxford University Press, the world’s second-oldest academic press and the publisher of the Oxford English Dictionary, has rizz.Or at least, like the rest of... Read more
As leaders around the world meet for the 28th time to address the climate crisis — this time in the United Arab Emirates, one of the world’s largest oil producers — they need to rethink this threat and some of the other central challenges of our times.Those other challenges include... Read more
If there’s one lesson we’ve learned from the recent history of the airline industry, it’s this: The bigger airlines get, the worse they become. The prices get higher, the seats smaller, the service ever snarkier.The mergers over the past 15 years that produced the “big three” of United Airlines, Delta... Read more
Billy Crystal, Renée Fleming, Queen Latifah, Barry Gibb and Dionne Warwick are honored; Robert De Niro joked that Crystal is just a few years younger than the president.Rarely is the president of the United States, nestled in his box, the center of attention at the Kennedy Center Honors, the annual... Read more
He had 40 years under his belt as a firefighter and inspector, but nothing could have prepared Boet Hamman for what he saw when he entered a cluster of dark buildings on Davies Street in downtown Johannesburg that about 600 people unlawfully called home.Switching on his cellphone flashlight, he stepped... Read more
A nonpartisan watchdog found that some farmers received more than $3 million in federal crop insurance subsidies and that much of the program’s funds were paid to insurance companies for administrative expenses.The federal government provided millions of dollars in subsidies to large farmers to pay for much of the cost... Read more
The warning, in a letter to the House speaker, comes as an increasing number of Republicans are growing weary of shouldering the costs of a drawn-out war.The White House warned on Monday that the United States would run out of money to send weapons to Ukraine by the end of... Read more
Sultan Al Jaber, responsible for leading the world away from fossil fuels, said there was “no science” to support a phaseout of oil and gas.Simmering tensions around the decision to hold a global climate summit in a petrostate burst into the open on Monday when Sultan Al Jaber, the Emirati... Read more
The remains of a 24-year-old airman were found last week after the CV-22 Osprey went down during a training exercise. Two other crew members remain unaccounted for.The U.S. Air Force said on Monday that the bodies of five crew members had been found alongside the wreckage of a CV-22 Osprey... Read more
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