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Q and The Plan to Save America

By Darrin Williams, MA, LMHC

Q and The Plan to Save America  at george magazine
Q and The Plan to Save America  at george magazine
Q and The Plan to Save America  at george magazine
Q and The Plan to Save America  at george magazine
Q and The Plan to Save America  at george magazine
Q and The Plan to Save America  at george magazine

23 thoughts on "Q and The Plan to Save America"

  1. Cindi Levesque says:

    Thank you

  2. Roy Pressley says:

    Beautifully written. So eloquently phrased. This exactly how I and others, I know, see it.

  3. Maggie May Cogan says:

    God wins 🙏🏼 wwg1wga 🌍💖

  4. Ted Link says:


  5. Vola Saintsing says:

    I have been following the plan since President Trump was cheated out of the election. With the Generals and the storm. President Trump said he would be back in one form or another. I knew in my heart, he would not leave us.

  6. Kelli Messer Miracle says:

    Let’s goooo!

  7. Rosa Salash says:

    I truly believe DJT was the chosen one that God picked all along and God will prevail. I loved it and we must all stand together as one.

  8. Jenn Penta says:

    Beautifully written

  9. Harrelson Carolyn says:

    Digital soldier here..
    WWG1WGA peaceful getting truth out.
    Before Q.
    Wiki leaks Julian Assage..
    Waking many people up over 15 years.
    We where before Q.

  10. Cori says:

    Knew all along that God had a plan.

  11. Denise M says:

    Very well written. And it’s finally out there so anyone can read it, awesome. We must be getting close. You can feel it! Once you see it you cannot unsee it. Thank you, Almighty God, for giving us eyes to see!

  12. Mark says:

    I loved the article. But a little disappointed that you stated there are no definable time stamps that prove that there is a plan. There are literally Q proofs every day! How many coincidences before it’s mathematically impossible to deny there is a worldwide military alliance that is breaking our chains of enslavement?

  13. Sandi D says:

    What a Plan and a Plan it is! Better than ANY movie I’ve ever seen.
    To be a part of all the twists and turns throughout the Awakening and still observing the Sleepers 🤯
    I have Family Members who don’t know and won’t entertain the idea that there’s a bigger picture.
    God is Good and I’m Grateful to be Living during this time in History 😇🙏🏻

  14. Dean Kellio says:

    Gene Ho
    Hello, Do you know where and who owns the yacht with the bell inscribed with WWGOWGA? Can you identify Joe M or his video “The plan to save the world”? Who is Todd Burgen? Are some people close to George in some sort of witness protection?

  15. Susan Walker says:

    This article needs to be used in a way so WE THE PEOPLE, can disseminate to those who will have questions.
    Susan Walker
    Nationally Board Certified Therapist

  16. Donald Stone says:

    President Trump , God and Q will prevail and we will all win and live the life that was meant for us to live , have faith and pray for Trump and Q and the alliance with them .

  17. wstrub55 says:

    I loved this article! It’s been quite the ride we have been on as Q followers but, what a wild ride to be on!!! Lucky us to be riding in the front seat of history as it’s being written. Thanks so very much to the Q team for this fabulous opportunity. I feel so very fortunate to be alive right now.

  18. Don Petracek says:

    Hello Susan Walker,
    I’m sure Gene Ho would love to answer some of those questions (like who is Tood B.), but this is a military operation!

    Hello George News!
    Thank you for putting this out so plainly! Helps to put out fires of naysayers and boost the doubter to a maybe guy! 😉 Love your inspiration and antics, we gotta meet!

    Best to you and your stewardahip of the maga(zine)! 😉


  19. Wendy Holt says:

    God bless Q and Trump and all the brave people fighting for the good of humanity in the background. Risking your lives and raising soldiers who are willing to join the fight and stand by Gods law and save our babies.
    Drain the swamp, expose the corruption and bring peace, unity and order back into our world.

  20. Consuelo says:

    Fantastico pezzo, riassime tutto. WWG1WGA. CQNSUELQ

  21. Susan Walker says:

    Acoustamandon…and to all who care about your fellow human…
    Some people will be shocked, dismayed, perplexed, questioning life and GOD; how do we help them?
    GOD may fix things in a millisecond. IDK.
    I speculate it will be a very slow process. Individuals may seek out counselors, like myself and the article’s author.
    To me, this article is written in a reader friendly way. I only hope I can help people learn with a similar hand out and prayer.

  22. RON NELSON says:

    It began for me with early Anonymous videos. By the time Trump entered the political realm, I was already ready for a business man to run the country. Apon learning the DJT had won the election, an inner voice said to me, YOU JUST WATCHED SOMETHING HISTORIC HAPPEN. I had no idea at the time, how literal it would turn out to be. One item of great interest I’ll add to the mix is, The amount of Prophetic voices active at this time. Many harmonizing with Q and the plan. Everything about this smacks of a great quaking of spiritual significance. An example, Julie Green meets Dave Skarlette every Wednesdays on HIS GLORY TV on Rumble. The Prophetic crosses paths with Military.

  23. penny says:

    who is R

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