State Elections: Nullifying Tyranny at the State Line

By Alex Newman

State Elections: Nullifying Tyranny at the State Line  at george magazine
State Elections: Nullifying Tyranny at the State Line  at george magazine
State Elections: Nullifying Tyranny at the State Line  at george magazine
State Elections: Nullifying Tyranny at the State Line  at george magazine

4 thoughts on "State Elections: Nullifying Tyranny at the State Line"

  1. Elizabeth Waters says:

    Excellent points! I will be sending this to my state rep and state senator to let them know I expect them to be standing up against the O’Biden regime NOW!

  2. KAREN BRACKEN says:

    Great article Alex. In Tennessee we have written and sponsored legislation that creates a legally binding process in which to invoke Nullification. TN Citizens for State Sovereignty was created to make sure this legislation and other pending legislation in Tennessee (gold depository and making gold/silver legal tender) are passed in our next legislative session that begins in January 2024. It is our hope that other states will take our legislation, get it passed then join Tennessee in a compact of states. The only peaceful solution left is for state to wake up and realize the final arbiter of the Constitution is the state and the people of the state, not the federal government and that includes the Supreme Court. We gave away our power and now it is time to take it back. But it won’t happen by magic. The people MUST organize and make it happen . After this law is passed in Tennessee my group (TN Citizens for State Sovereignty) will serve as “watch dogs” to make sure every time the federal government steps outside of its 18 enumerated powers we will be there to put them back in their lane. Join us at: and visit our website (where I have posted this great article) at:

  3. Matt Erickson says:

    Great Article!
    Instead of saying, though “means state governments retain the RIGHT under the Constitution to refuse to help federal agents to enforce unconstitutional powers…” I would have used “powers.”
    I know that many people use the phrase “State’s Rights,” the idea that any man-made structure could ever have “rights” (as the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution use the term [unalienable rights given created man, by his Creator, God]) flies in the face of man-made governments having only delegated “powers.”
    Use instead “reserved powers of the States”–so that everyone better realizes only created man has “rights.”
    There’s a reason the Tenth Amendment speaks to only “powers” (because it’s talking about governments–whereas the Ninth speaks to “rights” when speaking to man {man also has reserved powers, never given to any government}]).

    I wholeheartedly agree with Michael Boldin’s comment that “an educated populace supporting the Constitution” is “critical to preserving liberty” and especially that “what’s far more important than elections at any level is a people who support the Constitution and liberty and are willing to defend it,” which is why I’m starting in January my new membership course, to teach the originally-ratified Constitution in 12 months ( will follow thereafter).

  4. Maria Jean Hanley says:

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