The GEORGE Vault – The Trump Issue

By Rachel Writeside Blonde

The GEORGE Vault – The Trump Issue  at george magazine
The GEORGE Vault – The Trump Issue  at george magazine
The GEORGE Vault – The Trump Issue  at george magazine
The GEORGE Vault – The Trump Issue  at george magazine

8 thoughts on "The GEORGE Vault – The Trump Issue"


    Thank you for this informative information so we can see divine providence at Work while so many sleep!

  2. David Edge says:

    Washington hates Trump because he said out load what they were up to. Both sides have politicians who are screwing the American public. Some perhaps should be charged with treason in regards to China. Why wouldn’t the people not listening to the fake news not love this guy?

  3. Thomas Rubino says:

    When is Trump coming back .

  4. Wendy says:

    No coincidences with George. I remember this issue and the Tiffany blue. Loving every savory morsel of this while on the edge of my seat. Cheers!

  5. Kathy says:

    There are no coincidences

  6. Kathy Marano says:

    Thank you. Pretty interesting, love it.

  7. Candace Rojas says:

    Waiting for Trump/Kennedy to be announced. Bless you all. WWG1WGA

  8. Valarie says:

    Just found you RWB! So glad! Have so many questions not related to this article. Thank you for your creative entrepreneurship in developing this idea-turned website-blog-videos-etc. My comments to this & few other issues/videos I’ve watched of yours: There are NO coincidences. Since 2016, no one would believe what I’ve learned. (It’s 3:21am so maybe some would!) I start reading something, whether about history, random current event, a story, someone’s experience, an article or even a comment (X, Telegram, Truth, Rumble/comments) & if I don’t understand something (person/place/thing/word) -OR—I do understand but my curiosity is peaked…DOWN the rabbit hole(s) I go. Sometimes 2-3 at a time. I sift, measure & compare opposing views/info/beliefs to “think for myself” & arrive at my own. I am now of the firm belief that this plan to save America has been DECADES in the making. God is in control. JFK was the starter. (Important to note: JFK Jr was doing a lot of due diligence into his father’s death…& was friends with 45.) President DJT will be the finisher- restorer. He is well insulated. Our prayers cover any gaps. 5D chess moves. The Art of War in practice. Historical times!! #NCSWIC
    P.S. Also waiting for Trump/Kennedy ticket!

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