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The Quantum Financial System According to Charlie Ward

By Rachel Writeside Blonde

The Quantum Financial System According to Charlie Ward  at george magazine
The Quantum Financial System According to Charlie Ward  at george magazine
The Quantum Financial System According to Charlie Ward  at george magazine
The Quantum Financial System According to Charlie Ward  at george magazine
The Quantum Financial System According to Charlie Ward  at george magazine
The Quantum Financial System According to Charlie Ward  at george magazine

85 thoughts on "The Quantum Financial System According to Charlie Ward"

  1. Shelly A Langerock says:

    We love Charlie Ward, Simon Parks and Mike Mahoney! Together they’ve saved so many lives from taking the jab and helping people understand the future so we can make the right decisions.

    1. Olde Reb says:

      Even with 500% magnification, the text of the article is too small to read.

  2. Gerry Crowell says:

    It’s David Mahoney. I’ve been following Charlie since his beginning but knew about the QFS and Nesara from about 2012. Loved the article.

  3. Shawn Campbell says:

    We are so grateful to these gentlemen for the selfless acts of thousands of hours of research and sharing so much information to all of us who want truth. Also, we are so excited to have George back! Cannot wait to have John John as well. ?

  4. Corey Ashburn says:

    Charlie Ward was one of the first podcasts that I started listening to.
    He has a way of telling his message that speaks to me.
    I appreciate all he and everyone involved have done to liberate humanity.
    Thank you all from me and mine to you and yours,

  5. Real Truther says:

    I can’t believe that a magazine like George is promoting a complete frauds like and Phil Fraudlewski and Charlie Ward.
    Jr is probably spinning like a drill bit in his grave!

    1. Freddy Mac Knife says:

      I agree completely. A couple of know nothing shrills if ever there was.

      1. Bob says:

        Yes Freddy… you and real truther are indeed shills. Trying to discredit those who are actually doing something to help. Please tell us all about how much you are doing to save the planet… we want to research your impressive deeds… unless all you do is put down others… because you know the truth and the rest of us are just ignorant fools compared to you. Indeed!

    2. Sandra Huntington says:

      It is easy and meaningless to call someone a fraud and offer absolutely no factual proof for your claim. That is also a good way to get yourself sued.

    3. by Victb says:

      And in my opinion you are spinning like an idiot that has all the shots including the boosters!!!

    4. Patriot2theend says:

      Maybe you are wrong. Did you ever consider that?

    5. Lisa says:

      Maybe it’s not the real Phil or Charlie. Maybe it’s white hats playing their parts

    6. Lisa says:

      FYI : John Kennedy Jr is still with us, and has been right in front of our faces numerous times. For starters watch President Trump’ s Inauguration again and pay attention to the bald secret service gentleman pulling his pinky?

    7. R Khandro says:

      I’ve learned so much from Charlie & Phil. You are simply a FAKE Truther.

  6. Kimberly says:

    Just found your website. Watched a Tom Numbers video with Rachel as guest. I try to understand what I can and pray about the rest. Also I TRY to think positively. Not dwell on negative.

  7. Perception says:

    I am very surprised to see Charlie Ward being promoted on George magazine. I almost choked when he said liars can’t be trusted. Maybe he has changed but my sense tells me that he has lied on his broadcasts in the past. He used to self-promote a lot and was the self-titled confidante of so many top-level informers. Also his number of followers seemed overblown. Just my perception.

    1. Bonnie says:

      @ Perception – In all wars, sometimes disinformation is necessary.

      1. Bob says:

        Very perceptive indeed Bonnie. Most seem to have little to no idea how a war is fought. They believe that everything said by Charlie, Parkes, Jaco, Scott McKay etc… has to be a factual reveal of what the White Hats are really doing. If that were true… then we likely would have lost by now.

    2. Seven says:

      Correct. CW was threatened with execushun * if he didn’t “switch to the wh1te h@ts” for publ1c d1sclosure purposes. They’ve got him by the b@lls.

  8. Ella says:

    We are now comin’ in HOT. HammerOrangeTrumpet!!!

  9. Manuel A. Rodriguez says:

    Thank you Mr. Charlie Ward

  10. Al Maupin says:

    Wonderful article, thank you Mr. Ward & all those working so hard to free the world from the globalist cabal of evil.

  11. William says:

    Estoy muy contento de escuchar todas las buenas nuevas que Dios Padre/Madre tiene para todos nosotros con sus hermosos regalos para toda la Humanidad. Gracias a “Q” , Jhon Jhon y al Big Boss DJT.

    Yo Soy W.

  12. Mette says:

    Thank you, love it.
    From Norway.

  13. Tracy Reinert says:

    Please put my name on your list. &tc. *1*209*896*6873*

  14. John Bates says:

    A wonderful world awaits us. Are we ready, or do we want to hang onto the old system, that has kept us enslaved and poor for so long?

    1. Spectrum says:

      It’s not as straightforward as that for a lot of folk. I’d LIKE to be ready, but I’m finding this ascension business very difficult to “get into”. It’s complex and demanding and requires you to change your whole personality by seeing the world differently. I can’t see how to do that.

      1. Bob says:

        Judy… as higher vibration energies coming to the planet increase… they will assist you with the transition.
        There are many different descriptions of what the transition will be like. Exactly how it will happen? Don’t worry about the fine details. Be the best person you can… let go of what is holding you back… forgive what you can… and be of service to others when its the right thing to do. That should be all that is necessary… after all its a natural process designed to work… not to fail as many as possible.

  15. Judy Tayloy says:

    I love Charlie Ward and Dave Mahoney – plus Simon Parkes. All good guys! And I know, at age 82, who is a good guy and who is not!

  16. phantom51 says:

    How does one transfer their Lira currency (USD) from a locked-in 401K or locked-in pension plan into the QFS. This is something that Charlie doesn’t talk about. If we have been fooled by the cabal system and our money is locked-in for periods 5years or 10 years,…. how can we get it out in order to transfer it into the QFS? Charlie needs to elaborate on actual financial conditions.
    Thank you.

    1. Judy says:

      Roll it over to a gold and silver IRA. Values of precious metals are rising. Cash out and keep your metals once you do that

    2. Sally says:

      I transfered mine to gold and silver. Made back all my loss in a month.

  17. Spectrum says:

    Charlie says to go to Quantum.gov. I have, and it is complicated to understand. Charlie said “if you can understand it you’re better than me” Well if an expert like you can’t how are WE supposed to ?

    I also went to Stellar.org, which is the system that will be running the QFS. It is the same. Lots of technical jargon. They will need to make it MUCH simpler than it is now, because many people will be be totally confused, especially older people and pensioners. Why can’t they give us the option of using a Quantum debit card, similar to what we use now ? It’d be much easier to figure out and use.

    This new system is going to do away with banks eventually, and we will be expected to become OUR OWN ( home based ) bankers ! I don’t know anything about banking and finance and I’m not interested in becoming a banker myself. They aren’t going to pay us for it either.

    1. Another Truther says:

      You sound like the typical person stuck in 3D mentality especially if all you can think about is being paid to handle your own finances. You don’t need to be a banker to know how to pay bills, send money to friends, family, purchase items, do you? The QFS simply eliminates the middle man who’s been stealing money from the people for millennia (fees, taxes, mortgages, loans, etc). Most people would rather have full control over their assets instead of having a 3rd party controlling it. You don’t have to understand how electricity works to know how to turn the lights on, do you? Trust that your financial well-being is being taken care of and open yourself up to change. It’s the only way forward.

  18. by Victb says:

    It would be just fine if you nah-sayers would just keep yer piehole shut!!!

  19. Thomsen says:

    Perhaps we might think about asking the question: Who is John galt?

  20. Ella says:

    Charlie, your beautifully expressive face tells us so much! Thanks to you,Simon,and the QFS team for helping to usher us all into the beautiful New Earth given by God.Thank you also for working with Warren in his chosen role so that we can do our part for humanity. I absolutely love this journey!

  21. Bonnie says:

    A Digital Warrior, here, since late 11/’17 – passing on comms from the Q Team, until my soc media accounts were disabled 3/21. Then cont’d with my 45 persons email list relaying info from the following Giga-Patriots: Pres. Trump, “Q”, “Vincent Kennedy”, Charlie Ward, Simon Parkes, Dave Mahoney, Juan O’ Savin, and Gene DeCode.
    ** THANK YOU, GOD!! ** that all the many pieces of the complex Plan are finally coming together! Thank you, Earth Alliance, and all the world’s White Hat Patriots involved in this one-of-a-kind, monumental endeavor! Pres. Trump was correct: “The Best Is Yet to Come!!!” WWG1WGA!! – MAGA!!

  22. :jean-pierre willy numa says:

    Yes, there is the QFS and there are two (2) new systems fighting each other, i.e.
    1. Great Reset and NESARA/GESARA “Recovery”
    2. Great Currency Reset/Revalutation and NESARA/GESARA “Reformation”
    We shall soon know, whether this are two different things or just the two faces of the same coin.

  23. Kathy ruth says:

    your a good man love your family prayers for mine

  24. Bonnie Allen says:

    Charlie, Simon, MarkZ, & SGAnon have taught me so much over the past two years. I can’t wait to help with humanitarian projects. MedBeds will change our disease based economy into a health based economy. Our new world will be so exciting. Thank You SwiftThunder1

  25. Patriot2theend says:

    Haters are patriotism and freedom coming in hot on the comments. LOL. They want to call all these guys a fraud and a shill, but have no backing themselves for such a claim which is a bad look. Oh well, you can’t reach everyone. Thing is, if Charlie Ward and Phil Godlewski turn out to be legit and correct will these haters come back on and apologize? I doubt it. Most of the loudest haters behind a computer screen are cowards in real life that won’t admit when they are wrong. They just want (and in some cases are paid) to throw out hate wherever they post online. It’s a dark world for them and very sad actually.

    To the real Patriots, keep your focus on God and hope in Him. Trust in the One who holds the name Truth, Jesus Christ and hold the line. God already won the war against evil. Good Won! Celebration time!

  26. Wanda Briggs says:

    Looking forward to freedom and humanitarian opportunities.

  27. Wanda Briggs says:

    Value the work of Charlie Ward, Simon Parkes, and Mark Z!

  28. Gary Tugwell says:

    The fight is not over, but with all the freedom fighters on the front lines we will move always forward thanks to God’s hand on them

  29. Sherry Hooper says:

    I’ve been a fan of these gentlemen since my ‘waking’ moments in 2020 & I thank God for them every day. Some days they were the ONLY glimmer of light I could hold on to & I’ll never forget it. I, like so many others, look forward to our long-awaited freedom. Rock on Patriots!

  30. Catrina Ludwig says:

    Lucrez multe ore pe zi ca sa caut stiri ,sa traduc si sa informez oamenii,
    Dar nu stiu engleza. Un video care nu are setari pentru traducere automata nu ma ajuta deloc-Am vrut sa traduc de pe fotografiile de aici .
    Este un chin .
    Doresc foarte mult sa primesc informatii dar sa fie sub forma de text ca sa pot traduce cu google Translate .Multumesc

  31. Catrina Ludwig says:

    Lucrez multe ore pe zi ca sa caut stiri ,sa traduc si sa informez oamenii,
    Dar nu stiu engleza. Un video care nu are setari pentru traducere automata nu ma ajuta deloc-Am vrut sa traduc de pe fotografiile de aici .
    Este un chin .
    Doresc foarte mult sa primesc informatii dar sa fie sub forma de text ca sa pot traduce cu google Translate .Multumesc

  32. Happy Girl says:

    I’m looking forward to a new financial system. Appreciate all those that are making it happen and to give us some relief from the stresses of this world, we can all use this. Thanks to DJT, Dr. Charlie Ward, Mr. Parks, Mark Z and all those hard workers who are making things better for all of us. Thank you! Am sad what some of you have had to go through to bring us positive information and sometimes dis-information, but that is War. I was in world war 2 and it was not fun but the good old USA won and we will win this war also even if it is a different type. Thanks from a grateful heart!

  33. Kyla says:

    Thank you Charlie~I found you when you first started your show and you just resonated with me. I’m so thankful you were given this honor of being in George magazine. We truly are about to live through some exciting times. Thank you for making the journey easier for so many including myself. God bless you sir! Kyla in Texas

  34. Sandy Erwin says:

    Such an exciting time to be alive! TY, Charlie for all your diligent work. I’ m also very excited to see that Phil is someone special as I knew in my bones that he has a great story to tell and I’m I pretty sure that I know his identity. It has been one heck of a ride and I look forward to further ascension.

  35. Grant cooper says:

    Dr Charlie ward, only his not a doctor – gave that title to himself to sound more important ‘hmm’. Have the video showing Charlie ward saying: I used to supply under age ‘er er’ young girls to jimmy saville, when he presented top of the pops – now tries to say his never met jimmy saville ‘hmm’. Have the video of Charlie wards own son saying: he believes his own lies and lives in a world of his own – left him, his mum and sister when they was little with no money and poor so he could go off around the world haven’t a good time, ever sent them nothing ‘hmm’ doesn’t like sound like a man of god to me ( we will have to wait and see, but I’m reserving judge on dr charlie ward ? ). As for Simon Parkes, have the video: I was abducted by aliens and have an alien wife who I have sex with regularly, and my cats are our children ( would just love to get to the bottom of that one ? ). As the saying goes: be careful who you follow, a lot of grifters and paytriots out there ( time will tell ) ?

  36. TobeyNinjaDreams says:

    Most of these trolls who have only bad things to say about Charlie, and team show no evidence for what they say. I personally wish to thank Charlie and Simon (who I have followed for 10 years) for all they do.
    Thank you, George for interviewing Charlie.

  37. Theresa Trout says:

    Great article Rachel! Love your stuff! Can you do one on Whiplash (Whiplash347 – Telegram)? He’s been instrumental in helping bring investors to QFS and Charlie knows who he is.

  38. Cat says:

    So many negative people out there. I believe it because in the end God wins and he is in control of everything. He chose who and he will choose when. You can either have some faith or you cane get left behind, the choice is yours.

  39. Grant cooper says:

    Regarding the person ‘using a fake identity
    ‘ above’s ☝?comments, learn to read – what does my troll comments say: I have the videos of said comments, and I don’t follow people because they tell me what I want to hear – unlike yourself ? If you want to follow a man who in his own words from his own mouth admitted supplying under age ‘er er’ young girls to jimmy saville ‘the uk’s most prolific pedo’ when he presented top of the pops – and who’s own family said he left them penniless and never sent them anything, so he could piss off round the world having a good time – then you knock yourself out and keep following him ?. This article is pathetic by George, and tells you nothing informative – I could of give this interview ?
    As far as I can see, Dr Charlie ward ‘not a doctor at all’ and Simon Parkes have never said anything that has come true – from being a so called white hat insider ever, that we don’t already know from following the right people on telegram for nothing ?
    Only time will tell, up until then – GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT, I HAVE VIDEO EVIDENCE ?

  40. Teresa Ann Meehan-Wiggins says:

    GOD bless!

  41. Pam says:

    Quantum.gov has some dodgy partnership. Has something changed?

  42. Lorraine Dodds says:

    From what I’m hearing since the beginning, Charlie has always been consistent in his messages and I trust what he has to say. I follow many other truthers and ask God to give me good discernment and He’s never failed.

  43. Jeanne Doran says:

    Help pay my fuel bill for January.$2500.00 !

  44. Linda Hilty Tuttle says:

    Replying to Grant Cooper: If you have video evidence about Charlie Ward as you claim, then let’s have the links to those videos so that everyone can see for themselves, eh? If you can’t direct us to those videos, then I think we know what to think about YOU!

  45. Miles Augenstein says:

    Incredible! This blog looks just like my old one! It’s on a totally different topic but it has pretty much the same layout and design. Superb choice of colors!

  46. Peg Gentle says:

    I have followed Charlie Ward and Simon Parkes for three years and I’ve relied on their broadcasts and interviews to steer my understanding of what is happening globally and what is going to happen. I am thankful for their integrity and reliable reporting. Without their guidance and sharing of highly important information, I would not be as “settled” in my spirit that they have steered SO many of us to remain on the right track. I am given discernment when I’ve prayed about the information, and I’ve received assurance in my spirit that they both are truthful.

  47. Grant cooper says:

    Linda Tuttle, go on you tube and research Charlie ward and Simon Parkes – don’t be so lazy and expect everyone to do your research for you, that’s how we know what grifters they are: because we did our OWN research. You run your mouth of about what good guys these are, based on nothing – you have done zero research because they tell you what you want to hear, and you lap it up and even pay for the privilege ?. Now good ol dr Charlie ‘lol’ not a doctor at all, is now pumping whiplash and Emily tend QSI – proven fraudsters who pump and dump shit tokens on lobstr wallet, pump them up and then pull out the liquidity on the high ‘XLM’ and leave the tokens worthless DO YOUR RESEARCH. You are nothing more than a cult following this grifters, and it’s been proven over and over – so just get on with it ?
    ( as for the big mouths in this comments section calling out us so called shills trying to wake people up, using there fake internet names – your a joke ??, this my name and I don’t need to hide behind a fake one ? )

  48. Michael Hutchinson says:

    If things like houses and cars are to go back to 1950’s values, it follows that gold should also go
    back to that value. That would place it at about
    $35.00 an ounce.

  49. Charles Rucci says:

    I am looking forward to your subscription.
    Thank you,

  50. Kim Sidorski says:

    AWESOME article on Charlie Ward & the QFS, Rachael!
    Someone I know had actually sent me a link to the same QFS powerpoint that Charlie Ward shared in one of his podcasts, a few days before Charlie presented it publically, which was eye-opening for me! Thanks for writing your article on Charlie Ward & the QFS!

  51. avodartbuy365 says:

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  53. Priscilla says:

    Unfortunately, one cannot prove a negative. No one can prove that this stuff ISN’T happening, and some of it doesn’t seem logical to me. I am a good person, and I cannot believe that the “White Hats” will let good people who are not “awake” just go down in flames. I can’t prove that Charlie is not the spokesperson for the QFS, and he hasn’t offered any proof, so???? It’s always about “reliable sources” and “insider info”. Sorry, I don’t follow folks that I can’t vet. Too cult-like for me.

  54. Chrissy Harper says:

    Hello from Australia,
    My name is Chrissy Harper. How do enter into the quantum financial banking system here in Australia????? There has been no information that I can find for us here. Please respond so that I can also help others here in Australia that require the same information. Love to you all and thank you ❤️

  55. Igoruio says:


  56. Guy says:

    Merci pour tout .

  57. ErnestLouts says:

    As that interestingly sounds

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  58. Frankie says:

    Who ist Dr Charlie Ward? What kind of Doktor he is Dr Med, Dr Phil, Dr H.C., Dr MoneyInMyWallet?

    You know Google? Type in “Charlie Ward Scammer”. You will find a lot. It’s important that you get your own survey of both sides of Charlie Ward. Following only one side, the side you wanna hear, is like you’ll follow your government blindly.

    He is a story teller and give us stories our heart want to hear. He is in a good position, he can tell the biggest stories how the white hats make us free and destroy the Cabal and bring us back to our paradise but without any evidence. Perfect, but only for Charlie.

    Finally it’s his job to earn money with his stories. Together with Simon Parkes, Gene Decode, maybe some more. They create a group of men with fantastic informations. They stand besides with all their stories, in doing so, they have created an opportunity to always put each other in a good light.

    It’s the same here in Germany. There was a channel in Telegram, it’s called “Frag uns doch”. It’s channel from Alexander Quade, he has also contact with Charlie Ward.

    Mr Quade tell finally the same stories about Nesara / Gesara, GCR, Tier4B and other stories like Trust the Plan, Wuhan under Water, 3 gorges dam breaks… Non of this happened.

    Now channel of Mr Quade is decommissioned and Quade is arrested by German office for the protection of the constitution.

    Fuck trust the plan. My plan is what I see every day if I’m going outside and what happened around me. For example, what I see for the last 10 days, no Chemtrail stripes in heaven, as far as I can see.
    It’s nonsensical to pay money to Ward, Parkes, Quade for stories from Whitehat Wonderland

  59. Lisa Anderson says:

    Liars gotta lie, scammers gotta scam. Don’t trust this guy for anything. Rainbow currency is just another fiat currency. Same old schtick written a different way. It all is a lie.

  60. Kurva says:

    My wife has been listening Charlie Ward sinc 2018. HOTHING HE PREDICTED HAS EVER HAPPENED!!!
    Especially presidential elections in 2020. Charlie sad that they have 100% proof of how the Democratic party failed the ballots which were printed in China and the original ballot printed in the USA had security blockchain which cannot be froged snd Democrats didin’t know about blockchain is in it. And that’s why Charlie sad that Joe Biden will not be prrsident.
    And I wouldn’t be at all suprised if he worked snd was paid by the CABAL!

  61. Maimu Ojamäe says:

    I wich a lot of success,you can help a lot of people ,good luck!

  62. Jim says:

    Charlie has been instrumental in revealing the existence of the Quantum Financial System. The fact that it exists, that Gesara/Nesara were planned etc, all very good. The gold backed financial system is further amplified by the STELLAR NETWORK, using XLM tokens. Details of this can be found with the Quantum Stellar Initiative, on Telegram. There is extensive training and introduction to Stellar to be found there. Good hunting.

  63. Path says:

    I love it when “shrills” reveal themselves. Writing like they actually know any of the people whose names so freely flow out the end of their fingers (or more likely other parts of the anatomy). It’s actually humorus to read them, as they vomit out all their crap, but never lowering the level of it.

  64. Olga says:

    Greetings! Very helpful business advice within this post!

    It is the little changes that make the greatest changes.
    Thanks a lot for sharing!

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