Are Retail Brands Disappearing? | About GEORGE With Gene Ho Ep. 110

Retail Brands Disappearing – What is the Cause? – Gene Ho debates with Dave Blaze and Rachel Writeside Blonde!

2 thoughts on "Are Retail Brands Disappearing? | About GEORGE With Gene Ho Ep. 110"

  1. Cora says:

    Hi, I also have a couple opinions, 1. the 18ish to 28ish want easy work, like at home computer jobs/tech jobs I have a friend who owns a very popular resturant in our town, great food but he always has a challenge getting wait staff, he is thinking of closing down and going food truck route. I overheard a gentlemen about 4 yrs ago turn down on the phone, taking on a developement to do their stucco work, his reason he cant get help. This generation doesnt want to do labor like cooks/ wait staff/ cashier/construction/plumming and so on. This also leads me to cashier in big box stores they are putting in self service cashier. I and many people are refusing to use it, A. the store doesnt pay us to cash ourselves out B. we dont want to take jobs away from cashier. 2. Reason big box companies are failing in my opinion its two things A. we are tired of wokeness B. more and more of us are shopping locals/dining locals. Many of us opened our eyes during covid My friends resturant and many locals were ordered to shutdown while many name brand stores and resturants could stay open. We The People have caught on to this. Look at BB & Beyond with my pillow, now they also had other issues like redesiging their stores and pushing us towards online buying, the wokeness has done it for many of us. We are awake. As far as the economy yes I agree with that but im currently on a cruise, many families on the ship, the captain announced that just about the whole fleet is cruising as of a few days ago, people are shopping and dining in specialty resturants, so while economy is suffering I think the biggest issue is Big box/Name brand brick and mortor have done it to themselves, people no longer want made in china. So I predict when President Trump gets back in we will begin to see made in America factories/products. Our Country was moving in a lazy/need it now speed, like with Amazon and such. I think we will go back to mom and pop shops/resturants. Thank you for allowing my opinion. Oh final thought we need to bring back trades in schools cooking/welding/carpentry and such because all over the country. Especially south Florida it is difficult to get quality trade help. We remodeled a home and had to do most of it ourselves we just couldnt get anyone, The Florida Keys, holy sh$t labor/wait staff is imposible to get, many resturants have closed because they cant get staff, mostly related to affordable housing issues, many workers live in tents I heard. We need President Trump so bigly. We need to get morals/ethics back in this country.

  2. Kim Wilder says:

    The quality of service is different from times past. The “work force”, which is the frontman of the brand, does sing the loudest. Also the brands do not seem to represent the center, it represents the few. It shows drastically. The center of America is usually the target demographic, who frequents these brands the most.

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