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Can the Democrats Be Saved? | About GEORGE With Gene Ho Ep. 125

RFK Jr. announced his bid for president… can the Democrats be saved? If so, who will save them? Gene Ho debates with Dave Blaze and Rachel Writeside Blonde!

5 thoughts on "Can the Democrats Be Saved? | About GEORGE With Gene Ho Ep. 125"

  1. Michele says:

    I love seeing Rfk jr out there standing up against this beast system that needs to go.
    Id love to see Rfk jr/ Trump
    I follow Dark Journalist and he speaks truth and facts about you .
    Thankyou for what your doing.

  2. Peggy Kanneman says:

    I love this…

  3. Ronald Steven Painter says:

    Great show

  4. Albert Saxén says:

    7 God’s nmbr ..they all are; 😉 but He likes that ..

    ..this is like lol at a club have a bottle at your table; buy the bottle ..system admins go out and get a case ;p ..*facepalm nooo ..

    great; this one. .. again. Marianne Williamson is demonic; New Age (can we say occultist) ..

    ?? (Sometimes I think Gene trolls just to get lol convo going) that’s a good thing then that it won’t end; Gene; this is the dawn ..

    guys; you’re fgetting he’s cousin to the founder of the magazine ..

    Sheryl Heinz…of (that) Heinz? ..like Kerry; also liked the JFK-moniker ..

    lol Sheryl Crow careful; crow is the occult (or raven also like the falcon) ..yeye; all she wants to do is have some fun

  5. catherine Embriano says:

    May 7th, 2023
    Enjoyed the interviews and I honestly have not heard such insightful ?’s & in depth thoughtful answers in any discussions regarding President Trump since he announced his run for President. Love this interview.

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