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Conspiracy or Fact? | About George with Gene Ho, Season 2, Ep 38

Conspiracy or Fact? New Theories Making the Rounds. George Magazine MUST verify or trash!

2 thoughts on "Conspiracy or Fact? | About George with Gene Ho, Season 2, Ep 38"

  1. Richard Carson says:

    When you are watching about 911 and you do the investigating no matter if it is the airplanes that look like they are computer images , or how there is no airplane in the field in Pennsylvania, or building seven you can clearly see that something is not right .

    The Guy here in this interview is asking after you do all the research where’s your foundation of truth.

    You do not have to have all the answers to see the truth that we were lied to and something else was going on besides what the mainstream media told us.

    There is your Foundation of truth we were lied to.

    Again you do not all the answers to see that something is not right.

    This is the truth.

  2. Richard Carson says:

    Not everything is a conspiracy theory .
    Still the mainstream media is being controlled by people high up in power.
    We saw this with 911 ,you do not need all the answers to go back and watch the news footage and see we were lied to.
    We also can see this in 2012 with the release of Elvis Found Alive and how it was not allowed on shelves in retail stores and how all mention of this Dvd and Cd was kept out of the mainstream media.
    Yes the mainstream media has been controlled by people who do not want us to know certain things.
    President Kennedy tried to warn us about this in a speech before he was killed.

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