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Does Woke Still Mean Broke? | About GEORGE With Gene Ho Ep. 116

Does woke still mean broke? Gene Ho and Scott Zimmerman Debate!

9 thoughts on "Does Woke Still Mean Broke? | About GEORGE With Gene Ho Ep. 116"

  1. Kimberly says:

    Scott I’m happy to see you got away from all the garbage that was being fed down our throats with the crew you were hooked up with. I’m happy to see you doing credible work on a fabulous magazine! Gene Ho thank you for bringing this magazine back to life! Great work to the whole team!

  2. Scott Zimmerman says:

    Thanks, Mom!


  3. Denise Kelly says:

    Now THAT’S funny! 😅

  4. waffle says:

    I love and support George everywhere I go. Thank you. Would really enjoy more telegram vids with not so few and far between and cryptic tid bits. Love you all

  5. Hope Goodall says:

    Even Trump calls it out, we are fighting a C-b-l. Those woke ones are a paid-to-play part of it. They don’t care about marketing or educating our children, i.e., their goal is to keep us misinformed and manipulated so we do not think/question and hence remain trapped in their realm. The purpose of this time is to awaken to the lies and false world they have created for us. Trump speaks the truth, the people you are interviewing speak the truth. Rachel knows the truth. George was created to speak the truth. The people who buy George know the truth… Our existence depends upon knowing the truth. Speak the truth.

  6. Suzie Williams says:

    Love this!!! Great content. I can’t wait to read the article on college vs trade school!
    Thank you!

  7. Donna Fasanella says:

    Would you please tell me the date that the George banner was changed from black to gold?
    Was it Maundy/Holy Thursday, April 6, 2023?
    Are we now (un)officially on the gold standard? 🫢🤫🤯🙌

  8. Peter Ramirez says:

    I concur with Kimberly… and Denise Kelly!

  9. Albert S. says:

    Yup; that’s what America was founded on .. trade guilds

    Trump 😉 ..is absolutely correct; Patton, well, they had a falling out ..but, Patton, btw, Confederate descendant ..1/4 Americans has such heritage; you can’t just cancel it cancel them ..

    Uncle Ben’s ..

    how is a distinguished black gentleman in a suit racist? No; you removed him now we don’t know he was black..now *that’s racist

    .. Eskimo ..ffs *facepalm it’s a cute name ..

    Scott, I can tell you why Gab wrote a blog post abt it the URL no longer exists but I have the email ‘cities are burning, how did we get here ..’.. they’re doing so, out of fear, really; virtue signaling; hoping the mob will pass them by ..hint; not even they are safe ..

    politics have very little influence on my consumerism is v tough instead, buy the product/because of what you’re used to/and then use that, either energy derived from the food or tech (laptop); against them..

    ofc our battles are not against flesh and blood ..you just pray to inflict carnage on where the problem really lies; infernal strongholds ..

    Gene 🙁 well, that was before ..no – but – by so doing you were broadcasting a similar mssge. ..Inclusive?..This DEI we get a lot of today, no, you also were saying what you believed in; that marriage is not b/ween a man and a woman ..

    Yup; let kids be kids ..

    (on the commercial) I warmly recommend Binance VISA; no fees (really) tied to crypto but can have it on, do so with stablecoins. Can’t beat it ..

    ..it’s to both ends; best be discerning; I’ve seen a series (mainly good but) so-called exposing The Little Mermaid; golden structures/castle in the back .. know it? ..as penises; well, I bought 😉 said movie when in school.. Book club. ..So I own it, checked, and ..it’s clean. They’re not male organs. This is disingenuous Disney, Nickelodeon do have issues; but if we resort to this; not cool ..

    ..more like the ppl who were left-leaning lol would be considered right-wing these days; since apparently OAN is as per Wikipedia also far-right lol ..

    (Top Gun: Maverick) America needed this movie right now ..(paid off; Cruise collected 100m.)

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