Here to Stay | About GEORGE With Gene Ho Ep. 58

We are NOT going to Fix These Problems in America – or will we? Gene Ho and Dave Blaze debate it on tonight’s episode of About GEORGE!

3 thoughts on "Here to Stay | About GEORGE With Gene Ho Ep. 58"

  1. Joseph C Smith says:

    I believe certain elements of AI will go away. It has to! If we are to survive and thrive again people have to engage with each other face to face, we can’t hide behind screens to run things.

  2. Joseph C Smith says:

    On the Transportation issue, we have to keep some form of public travel for those who can’t drive and for carpooling/or ride shares. I think it all will need to scale back if we experience this big die off caused by the jab simply because there won’t be as many people needing it. That’s a big IF however. Flights will need to scale back to in order to properly maintain aircraft and train staff and new Pilots. (Isn’t interesting on a side note that the Davos group want to only hire unvaccinated pilots? )

  3. Gene Ho says:

    Great points Joseph. I just think that much of public travel is doomed if something serious doesn’t take place.

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