Honoring Diamond of Diamond & Silk

3 thoughts on "Honoring Diamond of Diamond & Silk"

  1. Pamela says:

    We loved Diamond so much!!! We loved them both so much!!! They were a breath of fresh air! I am heartbroken. Heartfelt prayers for Silk and all that loved them –

  2. Jimmy B Hight says:

    How do you tell an Angel good buy? Someone so fearless and strong willed! God knows how much we love and miss Diamond and how sad we are for Her family and friends and God will get us all through this tragedy! Silk, we love you and pray for you, You are the Angel left to lead the masses through the valley of death and we shall fear no evil knowing God and Diamond are watching over us all! Silk, you as well are an amazing lady who has brought great comfort to the masses letting us all know, the boat holds us all and we all have to paddle in the same direction to get where we are going! I won’t say good buy Diamond because I know we will all see you soon!

    1. Stacey Lepard-Garcia says:

      Diamond, A warrior fellowAmerican that I Love & Honor. We will see U on Flip Side, while The Saints that goes before us r fighting for God’s will. Until then, You lit a flame of Righteousness for us to Press Forward. I Pray for your family every…We we all reunite again.

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