Is there “A Plan?” | About GEORGE with Gene Ho Ep. 222

We just want to know… is there a plan? Where is the Plan? Stick around as Gene Ho debates with Dave Blaze and Rachel Writeside Blonde!

4 thoughts on "Is there “A Plan?” | About GEORGE with Gene Ho Ep. 222"

  1. Tracey Quinn says:

    Great show Gene. You are doing an amazing job with George.

  2. Jan Rickman says:

    Yes, I believe there is a PLAN. In my opinion, Trump, with the help of his team and the military, is exposing the evil and corrupt people who have had us in bondage for a hundred years. After they are all dealt with then things can change for our good, and our whole world will better.

  3. John Williams says:

    Hey Gene . . . I am John Williams . . . I see you in Church, and know HOF is a True House of God . . . My thoughts on Chivalry are straight from God . . . Chivalry is not Dead, but just Sleeps . . . It has a Soul of Righteousness that wants to be Awakened . . . I believe that there are No Right Ways to Do Wrong Things, and Equally So, there are No Wrong Ways to Do Right Things . . . No matter what you do, if it’s Not Right, then it is Wrong . . . It’s not the Answer that is always to be considered first, it is the Right Question that Must Be Asked that is to be considered . . . You Never get the Right Answer if the Right Question is not asked First . . . “To be, or Not To Be . . . That is the Question” that Must Always Be Asked for a Right Answer to be Given . . . Jesus said “You’re either for me, or against me . . . You can’t be both, for I will spew you out of my mouth” . . . Chivalry takes in more than Good Manners . . . It is a Way of Life that helps spread the Favor of God through Respect and Appreciation for God’s Love we are shown every day . . . May God Bless Us All, Every One . . . I believe in what you do, and I know Jesus does too . . . See you in Church . . . WWG1WGA . . .

  4. Craig Weisman says:

    There is absolutely a plan, and that plan has existed for what is estimated to be 6000 years. What is known about the upcoming events of the absolutely perfect plan is expressed in God Almighty’s inerrant and infallible Word found in the authorized version, the King James Bible 1611. The modern counterfeits purposely include corrupted text so as to mislead many. Thousands of verse changes have been exposed, so do your research if you consider yourself a child of God.
    But the indwelt Holy Ghost invariably causes all sanctification, inevitably leading a believer to every bit of truth, according to the all sovereign will of God. “Let no man deceive you,” for it is only God’s Word that is pure, without adulteration by fallen man. You won’t find the Great Awakening in the Word of God, but you will find what God reveals to His elect about His perfect plan of redemption and judgement upon His creation.
    Vengeance is His alone, for His glory alone.
    Praise the Lord Jesus Christ.

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