MAGA Congress Takeover? | About GEORGE with Gene Ho Ep. 239

Is it a powershift? McCarthy losing power to MAGA!? Gene Ho debates with Rachel Writeside Blonde and Dave Blaze.

One thought on "MAGA Congress Takeover? | About GEORGE with Gene Ho Ep. 239"

  1. Ruth Thue says:

    Informative along with a great tease about 22 October 2023! Exciting times ahead and our new team in the White House will have the best intentions for “We the People!” Think about how awesome our future will be when we start working together. For way to long the elected public servants we’re working against the people which made our inhabitants feeling betrayed and angered by the disregard for their own struggles and economic hardships. It seems to be a time to find hope, peace and prosperity in the upcoming years. Understanding that there are many obstacles to overcome as things are changing but we still have obstacles that are going to be necessary to resolve. Time to clean up the mess that these infiltrators created. God bless America.

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