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Will the Space Force Save America? | About GEORGE With Gene Ho Ep. 112

Will the Space Force save America? Gene Ho breaks it down for you! at About GEORGE With Gene Ho

13 thoughts on "Will the Space Force Save America? | About GEORGE With Gene Ho Ep. 112"

  1. Sandra Doherty says:

    Thank you for this video! You explained it so well! I am a George Magazine subscriber and I wear my tee shirts proudly! God bless you and God bless President Trump! 🙏❤️🇺🇸

  2. Cindy Phillips says:

    Thank You Gene Ho! Loved the Info on President Donald J. Trump’s development of Space Force! I pray The LORD uses Space Force to save Us here in America and then Save the World! Also love reading my GEORGE Magazine each month, it’s great! GOD Bless America!

  3. cathy koester says:

    wow are you hard to listen to….wont happen again…..that over excited voice is just too much

  4. Thelma Bomar says:

    Great news, very welcoming info, when all you’re looking for is hope. Thank you Gen!

  5. Monica says:

    Everything else has been corrupted.
    Space Force did not stop China sending many balloons over America. Biden put his man in charge of Space Force.
    American Citizens need to move on all govt, media, AI and really take back the country by first removing all the disgusting criminals and traitors selling out America to WEF, CCP, WHO, and Islam.
    Since the recent Supreme Ct election in Wisconsin went to the left, there is no way there will be a fair election in 2024. It is the Dominion. The ominus dominion. This video and title is just more hope propaganda to continue to keep good Americans from uniting and actually fighting back thinking space force will save the day. It wont. America is under attack. Land, Air, Water, Food being poisoned and destroyed. NO more talking. Blah blah blah… Its time to stop the same ole evil maggots in the news every freaking day pushing their psychotic plans and constantly committing crimes against humanity. It is time to cut the head off all the snakes and then destroy their lairs and dens.

  6. Bob Rome says:

    A lot of words and hype but no useful information. All sizzle, no steak bro…

  7. d. daniel says:

    I doubt those were Chinese balloons. That is just what MSM told us. They were probably CIA or DOD balloons spying on the good side of our military. Space force was monitoring and intercepting the details. Not to worry the bad side is exposing themselves. God, Trump and our space force are in control.

  8. Rann Patterson says:

    Very good breakdown of what Space Force really is. Truly amazing what Trump, in his amazing foresight, accomplished. Enjoyed the info and a little about yourself too! First time here, I’ll be back. Thanks Gene, and may God continue to Bless and keep our country safe. 🇺🇸🙏

  9. David Bowler says:

    I enjoyed your presentation. I really like my subscription to the print copy of George Magazine. Keep up the great work!

  10. Cody Rohm says:

    Keep fighting the good fight Gene, God bless you sir!

  11. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for this Video! Gene Ho’s energy is amazing. We Love Gene Ho and George News Online! God bless you and Our President Trump!

  12. Madeline Jarvis says:

    I Will like your e-mail

  13. Albert Saxén says:

    (Stormy) there is no crime and she has signed a paper for it

    lol watching that (Star Wars) I was like, what, you cut it?



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