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George Magazine Sponsor:

Full Page ad in George Magazine. Either inside front cover or the adjacent page 3.


Banner ad in George Magazine Emails, sent once per week (4 times per month)


Banner ad on Homepage of GeorgeMagazine.com


Banner ad at top of GeorgeMagazine.com Politics Page


About George with Gene Ho Title Sponsorship:


1) Official Designation: “About GEORGE with Gene Ho” brought to you by Texas Bullion. (Presented by….) (Sponsored by…)

2) Two On-Air reads or mentions by Gene Ho per show. (Approx 5 shows per week – M-Fri – excludes Holidays etc…) Example: “Welcome everyone and before we get back to our special guest – you can ALWAYS catch back episodes of “About GEORGE with Gene Ho” on GeorgeMagazine.com. We are brought to you by Texas Bullion and by the way – YES – I am a customer so go to TexasBullion.com. I tell ya – I just bought a couple of Silver Eagles. So check them out…”

3) Banner on GeneHo.com – Banner on “About GEORGE with Gene Ho” Page. On Text Descriptions – the tagline… “About George with Gene Ho brought to you by Texas Bullion – with link…)

4) One 30 Second Commercial put in the FIRST Commercial Segment of About GEORGE.

5) And Personal Filmed Endorsement by Gene Ho pending the following:

a) Gene Ho purchases about $500 in Silver Coins from Texas Bullion.

b) Gene Ho sells back about $100 in Silver Coins back to Texas Bullion.

Once the above is completed – and that Gene Ho is satisfied with the buying and selling process – Gene will film a endorsement commercial that can be used by Texas Bullion and Gene will put it on GeneHo.com

Texas Bullion is free to use this personal video as long as they remain a Title Sponsor of About GEORGE with Gene Ho.

As long as Texas Bullion continues to be the Title Sponsor – there will be no other Gold Companies promoted on the show or by Gene Ho personally.

Other people may put commercials on the show – but Texas Bullion will have exclusivity with the tagline: “About GEORGE with Gene Ho” – brought you by Texas Bullion.