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Why Trump Will Be the RNC Nominee | About GEORGE With Gene Ho Ep. 117

Trump WILL BE the RNC Nominee and here’s why! Gene Ho breaks it down for you on tonight’s episode of About GEORGE!

3 thoughts on "Why Trump Will Be the RNC Nominee | About GEORGE With Gene Ho Ep. 117"

  1. John Longobardi says:

    We need Trump back in the White House because he’s the only person who can reverse all the damage that has been done to this country. And, he’ll do it in record time too!

  2. Kevin Bruce Stevens says:

    Please name all Senior Executive Service members.

  3. Albert Saxén says:

    Huh? Poll after poll, the trustworthy ones, have him..sweeping the floor, basically. ..

    I’d be blaming Haley for opening the Pandora’s box on Confederates had it not been our side Ken Thrasher head of the SC chapt. of the SCV http://web.archive.org/web/20150627220854/https://www.nytimes.com/2015/06/23/us/south-carolina-confederate-flag-dylann-roof.html which gave it his blessing basically opening this can of worms ..how the fck am I supposed to defend that? But am still fighting; as are the rest, other greycoats ..

    Clinton did too, but .. all stuff that’s come out, we used to like him in the 90s I have a signed (and framed) thank you note from Bill Clinton I like Noem

    Only Dems have caucuses GOP I think IA first – and – only one; Trump carried it, last ..Dems use that as a slingshot to garner momentum catapult into NH ..picked that up from when was still a Dem (the thx was for support amongst others problly for helping his wife; was on the ’08 campaign)

    lol ..ok (listened far enough ; no, nothing bad/good stuff coming; wait) reason Trump will be – nominee and then – pres is..prophecy; God; 2terms ..

    I’m sorry this guy, Ramaswamy, has British PM all over him same money backing him ..Is that racist, now ..

    ESG is demonic like Trump also said; sustainable is ..

    No Nikki Haley is not a woman of color much like Kamala isn’t either; the fmr has Native American blood the latter..isn’t even blck; she’s Asian/Hawai’i ..

    Ron is a protégé of ours he owes his polt life to Trump; unless we’re seriously being hoodwinked; I don’t buy 😉 into the fake feud well now stuff has surfaced ..

    Gene – I feel I should (tell you this)… pray/just make sure everyone around you know what’s going on, pray what you want them anywhere to see when they see the news

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