Are Liberal Cities Destroying America? | About GEORGE With Gene Ho Ep. 118

Are Liberal Cities destroying America? Will it Change? Gene Ho debates with Dave Blaze and Rachel Writeside Blonde!

2 thoughts on "Are Liberal Cities Destroying America? | About GEORGE With Gene Ho Ep. 118"

  1. cathy koester says:

    no the dems DO NOT FEEL EMPATHY for these people they are doing it on purpose.I wish people would stop saying such stupid things. They WANT TO DISTROY these cities create horror for everyone they are DEMONIC SATAN worshipers. Stop trying to be kind with your words and start talking the TRUTH you all say is so important. They KILL CHILDREN….RAPE THEM….SACRIFICE THEM there is no nicey nice about it

  2. Albert Saxén says:

    .. Tent cities yup ..Gerald Celente (don’t really like him but) also foresaw this; foretold it ..

    Bragg has downgraded 52% of felonies to misdemeanor ..

    Dems were good people and something has infiltrated their party, and turned them against their own people.

    Chicago was a nice place ca. 2004; b4 Obama got elected, fav city ..Windy City, blues ..pan pizza (sorry NY  ) bed of capitalism ..

    enablers; we had this in Geneva too there were spots where heroin addicts could go to get their shot; get them off the streets; yea ..wonder if this what you said was the other side of that coin ..

    leaks – new Snowden?

    .. 😉 always stick around, Gene ..

    .. I dunno; you look at Rising Sun (1993) ..Sean Connery-san that just Hollywood? ..Thought they’d respect you if white and that degree of immersion ..

    Rachel again has an excellent point; you look at (the) Mexican subculture’s ok to have your own heritage; flag out, w/ever the problem is precisely that; they’re not assimilating ..David Cameron was exactly right; multiculturalism is dead

    Jesus said,

    Thing is, the thing w/ the Rio Grande, you see such road signs ..ppl coming over for a better life is what America is all about; ya, you get received/put in a welcome center, processed .. the thing is that now it’s not happening ..

    It’s like (then) Interior Minister Sarkozy said, something I agree with. That we must be willing to welcome new citizens as long as they accept we were here before them.

    It’s not racism; Gene; it’s America everyone gets offended. lol. (Really, you think John Wayne wld give a damn ..) and then you have the media’s painting of America First ..

    Yup; like some blue-collar worker wages/paying taxes his whole life..where’s his white privilege..this whole thing is manufactured like I told Scott ..

    This is like w/ Confederates; war wasn’t abt slavery, was states’ rights, but if you’re gonna go w/ what Soros has funded you to say, yea, slavery existed – like everywhere; was the economic times

    oh, btw,–and-sold–slaves-301475375.html weell, that abt kills that debate

    General Lee/Dukes of Hazzard; statues..this never was a problem b4 ..Virginia is a sore thumb; Richmond; capital of the Confederacy..Wtf?’s not even Virginians a bunch of northerners who moved there now are butthurt ..

    all throughout you had ppl gather at the statue at Monument Avenue for a parade, ppl from all sorts of races, creeds, came there; never was a problem ..

    I ask you to refer to Thomas Sowell Jews were in bondage in Egypt for; how long? ..I don’t hear them making any demands ..

    The 1619 Project’s lies let me know if anyone wants them ..

    heck; if I’d immigrate I’d form an LLC; pay taxes ..

    (final thoughts) I’d nvr dare think I could start making demands as a .. dinner ..guest ..and Cali no way I believe is liberal; the shoreline is but inland is totally conservative; Reagan; Mexican farmhands ..

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