Silk of “Diamond and Silk” | About GEORGE With Gene Ho Ep. 136

Gene Ho sits down with Silk of “Diamond and Silk” for an exclusive interview!

One thought on "Silk of “Diamond and Silk” | About GEORGE With Gene Ho Ep. 136"

  1. Wendi Haase says:

    Loved this interview! I was so sad when Diamond passed, and very happy that Silk is continuing the show in her honor and that it will still be Diamond and Silk! This answered my questions on the jab… I knew there was no way she would take it, and that shedding scares the crap outta me! I love President Trump’s goodness and generosity for their family! Thank you for this interview… I just wish I could give Silk a big hug and thank her for carrying on! Our God’s got her in his hands… and all of us who love Him!!

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