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White House brings Hunter Biden closer in times of trouble

White House brings Hunter Biden closer in times of trouble  at george magazine

One of the closest confidantes to President Joe Biden as he fights to remain the Democratic Party’s nominee is his embattled son, Hunter Biden.

Multiple news outlets have reported that the younger Biden is acting as an adviser, and even as a gatekeeper, to the leader of the free world in spite of his long-standing addiction problems and a recent felony conviction.

Hunter Biden has been living at the White House since the disastrous June 27 debate, according to the New York Post, and has even joined meetings with high-level advisers to the president. The Washington Examiner has contacted the White House seeking confirmation on Hunter Biden’s whereabouts as his father fights to stay atop the Democratic ticket.

Both Joe and Hunter Biden have been drawn together by tragedies within their family and seem to draw closer during times of crisis. Hunter Biden and his brother, Beau Biden, survived a car crash when they were toddlers that left their mother and sister dead. Beau Biden later showed promise of following in his father’s footsteps as a national politician before succumbing to brain cancer in 2015.

Since that time, Hunter Biden has struggled with extreme addiction and financial troubles, fathered a child with an ex-stripper whom his father only recently acknowledged, been convicted on federal gun charges, and faces a looming tax trial in September.

None of that has stopped Joe Biden from being seen with his son publicly and saying he remains “proud” of him. Not only that, Hunter Biden frequently flies aboard Marine One, was with him during debate prep at Camp David, and reportedly has assisted in writing his speeches.

Following the revelation that Hunter Biden sat in on White House meetings, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Turner (R-OH) wrote a letter to White House chief of staff Jeff Zients demanding to know if the younger Biden had received any non-public information.

“According to news reporting, the President’s son’s sudden presence at official meetings has caused confusion for some White House staff, prompting a reaction of, ‘What the hell is happening?’” the letter says. “It is disturbing to learn these events are transpiring in the West Wing, especially via news sources. It is unclear what official meetings and phone calls Hunter Biden is participating in and in what capacity and whether these discussions include classified information.”

On July 2, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre confirmed that Hunter Biden was involved in some of his father’s official business.

“He spent time with his family, as you all know and reported, at Camp David,” she said. “Hunter came back with him and walked with him into that meeting, that speech prep. And, you know, he ended up spending time with his dad and his family that night.”

Pressed for clarification, she added, “[Hunter] walked him into the speech prep, and he was in the room. That, I can tell you: He was in the room.”

Hunter Biden also stayed in the White House near this time last year. The Washington Post reported last August that Hunter Biden stayed in the executive mansion for two weeks beginning on June 21, 2023. If accurate, that would mean that Hunter Biden left the White House on July 5 — one day after it was announced that cocaine had been found on the premises.

Joe Biden has pledged not to pardon his son or commute any sentence resulting from his conviction. Nonetheless, Hunter Biden has many incentives to see his father continue to reside in the White House beyond January.


Hunter Biden is reportedly one of the strongest voices urging Joe Biden to stay in the 2024 presidential contest, and he attended a ceremony last week posthumously awarding the Medal of Honor to several Union soldiers.

The next day, Hunter Biden watched the fireworks on Independence Day with his father from a White House balcony, leaving the area after the show ended to chants of “four more years” from supporters.

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